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Sales Consultancy Business Launches in Jersey

Written by Paula Thomas

April 12, 2019

InspireU is the first sales consultancy business to launch in Jersey. We are here to provide an outsourced, sales-focused solution and a revenue growth acceleration service, which is both cost and time effective for you and your business. We strive to bring efficient services to support business owners and employees on your needs for growth, team development and profitability whatever the industry. We work collaboratively with you to provide the right strategy in line with your business objectives. We will also provide the most up to date market analysis and bring new innovative ideas for sustainable growth.

InspireU was founded earlier this year to address a common problem facing many small-mid size businesses, including start-ups and even established companies, in Jersey. We identified through our market research that many of these companies were struggling with new sales opportunities.  

We are dedicated to enabling and transforming the way your business manages, invests and develops employees, to accelerate revenue and profit growth, with a hands-on approach to implement and deliver.

How we do it – we Consult, Create and Inspire.

Our Services

– Sales Consulting – Sales Strategy Planning – Outsourced Sales – Lead Generation – Sales Training – Sales Recruiting –

“InspireU Sales Consultancy will help you reach your sales potential by developing a strategic approach to your selling, along with developing your confidence and commercial awareness. Companies that seek and engage external specialist help, grow faster and as a sales specialist (rather than a generalist business coach or adviser) — we can help you grow your sales and business faster.”

 Paula Thomas – Founder

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