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InspireU and Professional Academy Announce Partnership in Jersey

Written by Paula Thomas

April 17, 2019

InspireU and Cambridge Professional Academy are proud to announce that we have embarked on a partnership for the Channel Islands. This will support InspireU to continue to grow our excellent sales and management consultancy portfolio, which now includes accredited qualifications from the the Institute of Sales Management (ISM) and the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).  

Professional Academy have a long standing track record of helping businesses to develop comprehensive in-company learning and development programmes with a tailored and customised Learning Management Systems. Together we will deliver the complete package and provide exceptional trainers and one-to-one support. We provide skills-based training, accredited professional qualifications and bespoke Diploma in Business Excellence programmes. No other training company, academic institution or technology provider can offer all this.

As an authorised training partner for Cambridge Professional Academy, InspireU, will be delivering the following qualifications in Jersey:

More information at –  https://www.professionalacademy.com/international-training-partners/inspireu-jersey

“At Professional Academy, the first question we ask is not ‘what do you want to learn?’ but ‘what do you want to achieve?’ Training is our business, but people are our passion. Put your trust in us and we will show you how exceptional your people can be.”                                      Martin Hutchins – Managing Director

Cambridge Professional Academy 

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