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Top Sales Tips for New Salespeople

Written by Paula Thomas

June 3, 2019

Starting any new career has it’s challenges and can be unsettling. With sales, you will face some unique challenges. Most salespeople are expected to learn on the job, but the longer you take getting up to speed, the longer it will take for deals to close and commissions to start rolling in. Here are some suggestions to help you quickly warm up to sales.

Find Needs and Fill Them

Prospects are not sitting around waiting for your cold call in the hopes that you will sell them something that they need. They are working trying to figure out a solution to their own problems. If you can show them a way to solve a problem that’s been hindering  them, you can make that sale. Remember, ‘What’s In It For Me’ is the only thing prospects have in mind.

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

You are probably eager to get out there in front of real, live prospects so you can start closing deals and making money. However, before you go in front of a prospect, you have to be ready. That means product knowledge to know what you are selling, preparing a list of benefits, coming up with a solid sales presentation, writing up at least a basic list of questions to ask each prospect and doing pre-call research on each lead to know their business.

Build a Network

Business networking, when done right, can make your job so much easier. Having a solid network with reliable contacts will yield a wide range of benefits, from getting warm leads to providing the inside scoop on a tough prospects. Just don’t try to rush things; when you’re just getting started with your network, your focus should be on proving yourself to your contacts, not trying to get things from them.

Measure Your Activity

The only way to know how well you’re doing is to keep track of what you are doing, and then compare it to the end results. At a minimum, you should measure how many cold calls you make, how many appointments you set, and how many sales you make. That much information will least allow you to manage your pipeline at a basic level. The more carefully you keep track of your own activities, the easier it will be for you to pinpoint your areas of weakness so that you can quickly improve them.

Set Your Own Goals

Your sales manager will no doubt give you a target or a set of objectives to reach for the company. However, those targets are an absolute minimum. What’s more, they may not cover areas that are important to you. For example, you are probably responsible for a certain number of sales per month, but your sales manager is unlikely to give you a goal for career development or for making a certain amount of money. These are areas where you can choose your own and then set up a plan to help you achieve them.

Learn to Handle Rejection

As a salesperson, you will experience rejection on a daily basis, that is simply part of the job. Over time, every salesperson learns to become resilient and shrug off those moments, but not every salesperson develops a healthy coping technique. Successful salespeople often develop competitive mind games that work well for them, such as considering every no as being a step closer to a yes. Find a resilience strategy that works for you.

Keep Trying New Things

Sales is a career which requires you to stay flexible and keep learning and developing over time. It can be very tough for new salespeople to keep trying different things; it’s tempting to become repetitive with one style of presentation or to use a single channel as a source of security. Unfortunately, if you let yourself get into complacency, you’ll soon pay the price in lost sales. It’s crucial to keep on learning, exploring, trying new techniques, and generally stretching your mind.


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