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The Iceberg Sales Model

Written by Paula Thomas

October 4, 2019

Understanding a sales rep and what motivates them to engage in the process of selling is a complicated endeavour. Imagine an iceberg. Above the water line you can see all the behaviours that lead to a sale; prospecting, cold calling, follow through and documenting. In fact, all of the activities that make up the sales reps process toward quota attainment are above the water line. Surface behaviour like closing skills and product knowledge are only part of the capabilities that determine success in sales.

But an iceberg goes deep below the water, making them a dangerous addition to the open sea. What’s lurking below the depths for a typical sales person?

• ????? ?? ???? – Are they motivated to succeed?

• ?????? – What do they deem important?

• ??????? – Have they truly adopted departmental goals as their own?

• ????-????? – Are they confident in their own abilities?

• ???????? – Are they practising self-responsibility for their actions?

The Iceberg Model goes below the surface of a sales reps activity to evaluate and hone the internal motivations that drive behaviour. Standard sales training models focus on the most visible, conscious elements like surface skills and activity levels. That’s why traditional sales training simply doesn’t stick.

Traditional sales training focuses strictly on external skills development. They provide better objection-handling skills, better closing skills, additional product knowledge, or better cold calling scripts, but none of it really makes any difference because they don’t venture below the surface. This is why, even though many companies are engaging in sales training, the results don’t change.

When you tackle the underlying reasons for behaviour: state of mind, convictions, belief, and self-esteem, the external manifestations of these strongly held belief systems will improve, leading to more effective activities – and an increase in closed deals.

Everything that is not visible makes all the difference in selling.  

?????? ????? ??????????? ??????? ?????????? ??? ??????? ??? ???? ???, ???????? ???????? ?? ??? ???.


 “Enthusiasm is one of the most important requisites in salesmanship, no matter what one is selling.”

-Napoleon Hill

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